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:: 2019-21 ::


Atomic Z3 Regulator


The Atomic Z3 is a high performance fully balanced regulator that uses a flow through piston design first stage and a pneumatically balanced second stage.

What makes the Z3 different from the other Atomic regulators and other brands is the use of exotic materials to improve performance and durability.

The Z3 has Zirconium plating rather than traditional chrome which improves corrosion resistance by three or four times that of normal chrome plated components. On top of that the second stage uses titanium for key components that allows the Z3 to extend its service intervals to two years or 300 dives and the lifetime warranty is contingent of proof of service.

The first stage is a compact fixed body design that utilises Atomic's flow-through Jet Seat piston design for incredible performance and reliability. The Z3 has 7 (yes, seven) low pressure ports around the end of the first stage (with one as a direct flow ideal for twinset and technical configurations) as well as two high pressure ports.

The second stage continues the zirconium plating for any brass components but is also finished with a very durable black PVD coating to the front cover ring and comfort swivel for an extra bit of styling. Inside the second stage key components including the spring, orifice and lever are made from titanium for even better corrosion resistance. The Z3 features Atomic's seat saving technology to prevent unnecessary wear on the low pressure seat when not in use, a diver adjustable inhalation resistance control for a customised breathe and their automatically adjusting venturi vane from optimised the air flow throughout the dive.

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