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Drysuit Repairs and Servicing Swindon Wiltshire

Servicing - Drysuit Repairs


JC Scuba Ltd offer a high quality job at very competitive rates, on all makes and types of suit repairs, using only the best of materials.  When bringing your suit to us for repair, we will offer latex or neoprene seal replacements depending on your preference.


We will record make, type and serial number of your suit and inspect it for any obvious issues that may make a repair un-economic or otherwise problematic.  If a problem is encountered we will contact you with an estimate prior to any non-standard work being carried out.


On completion of all works, we then test for leaks.  All suit repairs are guaranteed for a year against defects in materials or workmanship. However, due to their delicate nature drysuit zips, latex neck, wrist seals and latex socks, are only guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

Drysuit Latex Neck Seals, Neoprene Neck Seals Repairs Swindon Wiltshire
Drysuit Boots Repairs Swindon Wiltshire
Drysuit Zip Repairs Swindon Wiltshire
Drysuit Latex Cuff Repairs Swindon Wiltshire
Drysuit Valve Repairs Swindon Wiltshire
Drysuit Repairs and Servicing Swindon Wiltshire

Please Note:

Your suit will need to be bone dry before we commence with any work to ensure a sound adhesive bond. NB if a neoprene neck seal is to be fitted to your suit, we ask that you allow seven working days.


NB If you require your whole suit to be tested for leaks please inform us when booking the suit in, as a full leak test will be charged for. If, however, you know that the suit has a leak in a specific area, please let us know where and we can test and repair that specific area only.


Please remember that it is always safer to bring your suit in yourself if to be measured or fitted for seals and boots.



We will happily look to price match any like for like written quote on all of our servicing.

Test Inspection ..........................


New Latex Neck Seal ................


New Latex Cuffs (pair) ...............


New Zip ............................


Other Repairs ............................



January 2020







from £195.00




JC Scuba Ltd are approved by all our suppliers to carry out servicing on their products, and we will only use genuine parts and service packs to ensure this does not invalidate your warranty.


If you use unauthorised technicians who are NOT approved by suppliers, this could invalidate your warranty.


Our service department has over 25 years’ experience in servicing scuba diving equipment, so you know your equipment is in safe hands.  After all, it is your life support system when you go diving, so keep it regularly serviced.


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