Metalsub XRE800-R LED Handheld Torch

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The Metalsub handheld torches are as carefully designed and built and as strong 
as the cablelights and they are even easier to use.

This certainly applies to the XRE800-R. With 800 lumens, a burn time of 90 minutes and features such as dimming, warning signals and also another 6 hours fading light, a real torch.

With its weight and size, it is ideal to take along on a trip, only 400 grams and makes an ideal backup light, small but powerful.

A versatile travel-light, backup light and universal-light for all your diving pleasure.


  • Luminous flux: LED 8W 800 Lumen / 5500 K
  • Reflector beam: 10° (spot)
  • Burn time: 90 minutes, than 6 hours reducing intensity
  • Variable light power: (25% - 50% - 100%), strobe signal and S.O.S.
  • Weight above water: approx. 400 gram
  • Weight under water: approx. 220 gram
  • Size: Ø 45 x 200 mm length
  • Maximum operating depth: 100 metres
  • Internal charging
  • Charging Time: 5 Hours
  • Including MP400 charger