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:: 2020-22 ::


Apeks XTX 200 Plus XTX 40 Regulator Set


The XTX 200 with XTX 40 octopus regulator set incorporates the top of the line XTX 200 second stage combined with a very reliable XTX 40 octopus.

The FSR first stage is a high performance diaphragm design with environmental seal for improved coldwater performance and reliability. This balanced first stage provides four low pressure ports and two high pressure ports at pre-orientated angles for optimal hose routing.

The XTX 200 second stage provides all the features that you would expect from a high specification regulator including a balanced down stream valve for performance, customisable inhalation resistance, venturi air flow control, diaphragm deflector to prevent strong currents causing the valve to flutter and anti-bacterial bridged mouthpiece. The XTX additionally has a reversible design allowing a trained technician to swap the hose handing and interchangeable exhaust deflectors which are switchable between a compact deflector or a wide deflector.

The XTX 40 uses the same basic components without some of the extras to reduce the overall cost. The second stage still features a venturi control, diaphragm deflector, reversible housing and anti-bacterial mouthpiece.

- Balanced diaphragm design first stage
- Environmentally sealed first stage
- Four low pressure ports
- Two high pressure ports
- Fully balanced second stages
- Reversible handing second stage housings
- Venturi adjustment
- Inhalation adjustment (XTX 200 only)
- Anti-bacterial mouthpiece
- Interchangeable exhaust deflectors (XTX 200 only)
Available for DIN and 'A ' Clamp.

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