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:: 2020-22 ::


Mares Quantum SLS BCD


The Mares Quantum BCD is the start of a new generation of BCDs with great comfort and practicality for any level of diver. Swivelling shoulder strap buckles add comfort and the monoplate backplate combined with the lift allow the Quantum to take Twins with an upgrade.

Stretch Pockets most pockets on BCDs are rigid and unforgiving so you can only fit thin flat objects inside them. Mares have changed this with their stretch material pockets that mould around your equipment, so you can fit almost anything inside them.

Slide & Lock Weights integrated weights on either side of the BCD are held in place with the secure Slide Lock System, SLS, which provides a reassuring grip on your weights and a reliable quick release button in the ergonomic handle.

Weight approx. : 4.5kg

• Monoplate backpack fits single or twin tanks
• Swivel buckles and D-ring attachment on side lobe
• SLS weight system
• Visual confirmation of proper weight pouch insertion
• Personalization label on weight pouches
• Stretch cargo pockets
• High flow rate inflator connection
• Openings on side lobes for hose storage
• Trim weight pockets
• Optional BC attachment kit

Please contact us to check on sizes available.

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