Regular servicing of your scuba equipment is very important to ensure safe, reliable performance and to ensure your expensive kit has a long life.   If you are planning a dive trip or holiday, we would strongly recommend that you have your dive equipment serviced well in advance, and that you use it prior to departing on your trip.

Your BCD, or Wing, is an essential part of Scuba Diving Equipment and needs to be cared for in-between dives as well as serviced at annual intervals. Debris such as salt deposits can build up in valves, inflators and indeed on the inside of the jacket which can cause damage that cannot be repaired. 

Our BCD service is a full service including the stripping down of the inflator unit, clean and rebuild with new o' rings and serviceable parts, inspection of all the deflation valves, weight holders, tubing, bladders, cording, clips and straps.

  • Checking, pull cord, straps, cam band for damage or fraying
  • Checking buckles and clips for cracking and wear
  • Servicing inflator and direct hose feed quick release connector
  • Cleaning inside the bag with a fungicide / bacterial cleaner
  • Cleaning or replacement of the direct feed probe and its filter
  • Cleaning the overpressure and dump valves, replacing seals as necessary
  • Leak testing the bag, the non-return valves and all connections
 Buoyancy Compensator Servicing - All Makes £45.00 (Plus Parts)

Prices are subject to change, please confirm prices prior to having equipment serviced.

BCD Servicing - JC Scuba SwindonBCD Servicing - JC Scuba SwindonBCD Servicing - JC Scuba Swindon

JC Scuba Ltd want to ensure you are totally 100% happy with your kit and that is has been serviced to your satisfaction.  We offer a full equipment servicing and repairs service.  

IDEST Testing Centre 7S

JC Scuba Ltd testing facility is periodically inspected by IDEST engineers to make sure the methods and statements laid out in our documentation are adhered to. Our engineers are also periodically assessed in their competence. Feel free to ask each engineer for their certification as well as the centre documentation. 

Servicing times do vary but we aim to have your equipment serviced and returned to you within two weeks. However, this time may increase if parts are unavailable or if demand for servicing is unusually high during the peak seasons of the dive calendar. 

Please advise us in advance should you require a faster turnaround time.

Please Note:
Equipment brought into the shop for servicing or testing, not collected within three months of notification of completion of works, JC Scuba Ltd will have the right to sell the equipment to re-coup the expense incurred for the repair / service / test, at their own discretion.

(Refer to S.12 of the Torts Interference with Goods Acts 1997)

Approved Testing Centre

JC Scuba Ltd are approved by all our suppliers to carry out servicing on their products, and we will only use genuine parts and service packs to ensure this does not invalidate your warranty.

If you use unauthorised technicians who are NOT approved by suppliers, this could invalidate your warranty.

Our service department has over 30 years’ experience in servicing scuba diving equipment, so you know your equipment is in safe hands.  After all, it is your life support system when you go diving, so keep it regularly serviced.