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Here at JC Scuba Ltd, we have been working with scouts and explorer scouts in Wiltshire and neighbouring counties for a many years, building up a strong relationship that ensures our session and events, run with our PADI Professionals meet compliance with scouting rules.   

We have a point of contact from within scouting who coordinates our relationship and arranges course dates and venues with us based on demand.  Allowing us to give young people the opportunity to sample a new, exciting activity at special rates.


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Have you ever wondered, can I give scuba diving a try, or you've tried it on holiday and thought – Wow! I wonder if I could do more…? 

Well the answer, if you are a Scout or Explorer Scout, is YES to both. 

What are the options? - Sign up for our PADI Discover Scuba Diving try-dive - A one hour session in the safe confines of a swimming pool with qualified instructors. It’s all about fun and finding out if you think you would enjoy scuba diving. 

You enjoyed it and want to do more? Good. Next step with us is - Take the course leading to PADI Open Water Scuba Diver (OW) - A two weekend residential course based at a local scout HQ with all equipment provided. Each weekend you will learn all about scuba diving and its effect on your body through theory, swimming pool practice sessions and open water diving with your instructors. 

Of course, having got this far you will now want to go on, right? - If you just want to dive without the hassle of gaining a further qualification at this point you can always just do an Experience Dive - which is done under the watchful eye of a qualified instructor. Some of these may be done at the coast (Devon, Dorset, Pembrokeshire) as special weekends. 

You should really think about doing one or two of these before moving on - Go for your PADI Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver award (AOW). A residential weekend course, with equipment provided.  Further Experience Dives are recommended as the more dives you do, the better you become. 

As your confidence builds you’ll want to do something else exciting - How about a Night Dive, a Deep Diver  or Wreck Specialism? 

All these PADI Scuba Diving qualifications are life-time awards and internationally recognised. 

Scuba diving promotes non-verbal communication and can increase self-confidence whilst allowing young people to try something new, exhilarating and extreme. 

Normal Scout rules for water activities apply and the young person must be a competent swimmer able to swim 50 metres in clothing and stay afloat for 5 minutes (Rule 9.42). 

Take our Snorkelling or Discover Scuba Diving experience and you can earn your Activity Badge.


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Our scout events are overseen at all times by a dedicated scout leader team. Individual Scouts and Explorer Scouts are welcome to join us – your Leaders don’t have to do anything except to counter-sign that our event is suitable for your ability. The Scout team coordinating this for us, has young people regularly attending from as far away as Watford and Aberystwyth – so they have a strong reputation and have also been mentioned twice in Scouting Magazine.

Open to Scouts and Explorer Scouts - soo... if you’re a scout, explorer scout or scout leader and would like to join us for a session,

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Find out when we are diving next, please email or call for our current booked dates.  Additional sessions can be arranged, please email us to discuss.