Every cylinder that is used for diving (or compressed gases) should be tested and inspected by law.  A hydrostatic test needs to be taken every 5 years or if visual inspection is out of date by 30 days.  A visual test needs to be undertaken every 2½ years.

If the cylinder is to be used for nitrogen/enriched air, the cylinder should be O2 cleaned, which needs to be undertaken every 15 months.  Note IDEST T014 January 2020.

Visual Inspection (Includes Valve Service)  £36.50 
O2 Clean (During Other Service) £23.00
extra Sticker (Required) £  1.50
Hydrostatic Test (Includes Valve Service) £45.00
O2 Cleaning Only £27.00
Cylinder Valve Service (Plus Parts) £22.00
Internal Shot Blast £20.00
External Paint P.O.A.
Twinset Surcharge (Strip & Rebuild) £15.00
Cylinder Failure (Scrap Cost) £25.00

 January 2022

Prices quoted for servicing listed above, cover labour charges only. Brand-specific service kits and/or replacement parts are charged as extra.

Cylinder Testing - JC Scuba SwindonCylinder Testing - JC Scuba SwindonHydrostatic Testing - JC Scuba Swindon

Certificates will be supplied following Cylinder Visual and Hydrostatic Inspections and Non Destructive Aluminium testing along with IDEST cylinder stamping. 

Please Note:

  1. For cylinder testing a non-refundable £25.00 deposit is required. If a cylinder fails the test it will be destroyed for safety reasons.

  2. Cylinders for surface use ie Charging Airguns and Paintball Cylinders need to be tested every 5 years, dependant on valve; 

  3. Our policy is that a cylinder with a diving valve in must be tested as a diving cylinder as it could always be used in seawater for the purpose of SCUBA, unless fitted with a surface use valve
IDEST Testing Centre 7S
Cylinder inspection and testing is carried out in accordance with:
  • BS EN ISO 18119:2018, +A1:2021 Steel and Aluminium; or BS EN 11623:2015 (Composite) ASSET CP11:2022
  • Valves have been serviced to BS EN ISO 22434:2022

Our cylinder testing is carried out by independently trained IDEST technicians to standards set out by the HSE.  All work is carried out to manufacturer’s specifications using genuine parts by manufacturer and ASSET trained servicing personnel. 

JC Scuba Ltd testing facility is periodically inspected by IDEST engineers to make sure the methods and statements laid out in our documentation are adhered to. Our engineers are also periodically assessed in their competence. Feel free to ask each engineer for their certification as well as the centre documentation. 

Servicing times do vary but we aim to have your equipment serviced and returned to you within two weeks. However, this time may increase if parts are unavailable or if demand for servicing is unusually high during the peak seasons of the dive calendar. 

Please advise us in advance should you require a faster turnaround time.

All newly serviced cylinders will come with an air fill which is an additional cost on the service bill.

PLEASE NOTE: All Cylinders purchased for delivery by post will NOT include a fill.

Please Note:
Equipment brought into the shop for servicing or testing, not collected within three months of notification of completion of works, JC Scuba Ltd will have the right to sell the equipment to re-coup the expense incurred for the repair / service / test, at their own discretion.

Approved Service Centre

JC Scuba Ltd are approved by all our suppliers to carry out servicing on their products, and we will only use genuine parts and service packs to ensure this does not invalidate your warranty. 

If you use unauthorised technicians who are NOT approved by suppliers, this could invalidate your warranty. 

Our service department has over 30 years’ experience in servicing scuba diving equipment, so you know your equipment is in safe hands.  After all, it is your life support system when you go diving, so keep it regularly serviced.