To ensure we are all fully compliant when visiting any confined pool site (swimming pool) for SCUBA training: 

Please note the following:   

1.  Outdoor Gear Preparation

During SCUBA Gear assembly, in the car park, all personnel are to wear face masks and disposable gloves, hand sanitiser is to be applied when assisting others with kit. Exercise caution with sanitiser that contains alcohol and keep clear of any cylinder.

Where possible, while wearing masks, safe distancing of one metre is to be maintained, including during assembly demonstrations.  

When a SCUBA Set has been assembled, only the user is the handle that Set.

Where kit is being assembled for DSD students, staff are to wear face masks and disposable gloves and the assembled Sets are to be disinfected at the top of the cylinder/valve area.

Components of SCUBA Sets for use by OWD students are to be Numbered, delivered in a numbered Gear Box, and to be reserved for that Student for the duration of the course. 

2.  Swimming Pools and Wet Side.  (DSD and OWD Training)

Social distancing must be maintained in the pool area.  Students are to sit at one metre spacing and maintain one metre spacing when standing in the shallow end. Diving Masks and Regulators must be donned and used for protection.

Instructors/coaches and students on the poolside must follow social distancing guidelines between each other. Face masks are to be worn until immediately prior to entering the pool.

Any parent or carer or permitted spectator must follow social distancing guidelines and wear face coverings.

During final preparations to enter the pool to undertake a DSD session, the supervising Instructor will spray the Diving Masks with de-fog. ‘Spitting in masks is not permitted’ 

OWD Students should have their own masks and own de-fog spray.

Exchanging Regulator Mouthpieces is not permitted. Divers are to use only their own SCUBA Set unless there is a genuine emergency.

At the end of the DSD Session, the equipment used is to be gathered in gear boxes for cleaning.

At the end of the OWD Session, the students are to return their dismantled kit to their numbered Gear Box. 

Ensure you check what COVID-19 policies are in place at any of the swimming pool sites and adhere to them. 

Students should not attend sessions if they feel unwell or are experiencing any of the following symptoms: a high temperature, a new, continuous cough. A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. Including family members.


Covid Response Document Issue 1 May 2020, updated 4th September 2020

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