To ensure we are all fully compliant when visiting any inland dive site for open water dives or training at any swimming pool:

Please note the following: 

Hand sanitiser is available if you need it or bring your own, exercise caution with sanitiser that contains alcohol and keep clear of any cylinder.

DO NOT use saliva (‘spit’) to clear your mask, but use a defogging solution instead (available in the dive shop if you need to purchase some.)

If using your own gear, disinfect your mask, BCD (including whistle and oral inflator), snorkel, and your regulators (not just the mouthpieces) thoroughly before and after use using a bleach solution or other suitable cleaning agent prior to use (all school kit is prepared beforehand.)

DO NOT use communal gear washing tanks that you cannot be sure have been regularly washed and disinfected.

Avoid practising air-sharing techniques or buddy checks in which two people might share the same regulator. The only situation in which this rule can be relaxed is in the case of a true emergency situation underwater.

Ensure that you practise social distancing by remaining at least two metres away from other divers whilst on the surface. Close social groups are known to be particularly adept at spreading the virus.

Wash your hands frequently using soap and water, ensuring that handwashing continues for at least 20 seconds.

If coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue preferably or, failing that, with your elbow. Be sure to dispose of the tissue in an environmentally responsible manner.

If resuscitation of a diver is required, the recommendation from the Resuscitation Council is that only chest compressions be used; early defibrillation is considered if appropriate; and a cloth or towel be placed over the mouth of the victim. 

Also ensure you check what COVID-19 policies are in place at any of the inland dive site or swimming pool and adhere to them.


Covid Response Document Issue 1 May 2020, updated 4th September 2020

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